Talking to Clients: Benefits of Annual Membership

Be sure to highlight all the comprehensive benefits pet owners receive in return for their annual HomeAgain membership fee.

HomeAgain makes microchipping more attractive to pet owners with a broad range of pet protection features that are unique to the industry. Pet owners will also be pleased to know that, once a pet is registered with HomeAgain, their pet's microchip is registered in our database for life.

Make sure pet owners know about all of the value-added services that only come with a HomeAgain membership. For just $19.99 a year, pet owners can enjoy access to these exclusive & valuable benefits:

  • 24/7 on-call support with trained Lost Pet Specialists
  • A nationwide network of over 1,000,000 volunteer PetRescuers
  • A National Pet Recovery Database that assures their contact information remains current
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline that provides access to a licensed ASPCA veterinarian when pets are sick or injured while traveling or when your clinic is closed

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