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July 7, 2010 – Petfinder.com, the online searchable database of adoptable pets which attracts five million unique visitors a month, announces a new partnership with HomeAgain® Microchips and Pet Recovery Service to provide free microchips to Petfinder member animal shelters and rescue groups.

The Chip FurKeeps program is a critical extension of Petfinder's FurKeeps campaign designed to keep adopted pets in their homes. An important part of keeping animals safely at home with their families and out of the sheltering system is microchipping--to provide permanent pet identification--and microchip registration. Petfinder will offer a low-cost microchipping service to its U.S.-based Petfinder-member organizations for homeless animals through the partnership with HomeAgain. Petfinder has approximately 13,000 members that maintain their own home pages and available pet listings on its site.

"We believe the new program will be a real bonus to our member shelters by reducing their operational costs. It also enhances our efforts to prevent animals from getting separated from their new pet parents and winding up in temporary care again," said Betsy Saul, founder, Petfinder.com. "We are proud to partner with HomeAgain, the industry leader in pet identification, registration and recovery whose services help bring home approximately 10,000 pets each month."

Through the Chip FurKeeps program, Petfinder members can purchase HomeAgain microchips for $5 each and earn a free microchip with each enrollment in the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service. Microchips can be enrolled online through a dedicated microsite or by telephone through a dedicated toll-free number at the discounted price of $10.99 each for the first year of membership, which is below the normal enrollment fee of $19.99. The cost of HomeAgain enrollment is paid by the adopter at the time of adoption.

HomeAgain services start when a microchip-about the size of a grain of rice-is implanted between a pet's shoulder blades. The chip number, which must be enrolled in a registry database along with the pet parent's contact information, can be read by a scanner designed to detect the presence of a microchip. The unique microchip number is used to look up the contact information of the pet's family in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database. HomeAgain then contacts the family to facilitate a reunion.

In addition to microchips, HomeAgain provides services to help locate lost pets and facilitate their safe and healthy return to their families. Once enrolled as a HomeAgain member, a microchip is registered in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database for the pet's lifetime. The annual HomeAgain membership includes: Live Pet Recovery Specialists always available at 1-888-HomeAgain; Lost Pet Alerts with Lost Pet Poster sent to veterinary clinics, animal shelters and volunteer PetRescuers; 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline; and Travel Assistance for Found Pets which covers up to $500 to fly dogs or cats home when found more than 500 miles away. HomeAgain memberships are renewable annually for a fee of $19.99. For more information, visit http://www.homeagain.com or contact Sharon Dilling at + 1 908 473 3390. HomeAgain is a division of Intervet, Inc.

About Petfinder.com

Petfinder.com is an online, searchable database of animals that need permanent homes. A directory of over 13,200 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the USA, Canada and Mexico, the organization's technology helps visitors search adoptable pets in their areas that fit their family's individual needs and preferences. In addition, Petfinder.com also offers a wealth of information about how to select a family pet and how to raise and care for an animal. The Web site is free to use. Animal shelters and placement groups can register to join Petfinder.com online and can start entering pets the same day. Petfinder.com was named one of TIME Magazine's 50 Best Web Sites of 2008 and was awarded a People's Voice Webby Award in 2009 for its mobile interface, Petfinder.com Mobile.

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