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HomeAgain annual memberships protect your clients' pets with a suite of recovery services and wellness benefits.

Membership benefits for clients (and their pets!)

What happens after you microchip is what makes HomeAgain so effective in pet recovery, so different from other services, and so valuable and appealing to your clients. For just $19.99 per year, HomeAgain members receive a full lineup of safety and wellness benefits:

  24/7 Lost Pet Specialists

HomeAgain members enjoy 24-hour, on-call support by trained counselors.

The last thing a panic-stricken client needs after their beloved pet has gone missing is to call a hotline number and get a recording. That doesn't happen with HomeAgain. Our Lost Pet Specialists are always available to talk with members and guide them through the emotional process of finding their lost pets. Just as important, our specialists are trained to quickly and efficiently gather the information needed to initiate the rescue process, which includes sending out Rapid Lost Pet Alerts and mobilizing our nationwide network of PetRescuers.

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 Lost Pet Recovery Network

Within moments of a lost pet call, our nationwide network is on alert.

Only HomeAgain features a nationwide network of over 1 million PetRescuers volunteers who have signed up to receive email alerts about pets lost in their areas. Moments after a pet is reported missing, veterinarians, shelter staff, and volunteer PetRescuers within a 25-mile radius receive a Rapid Lost Pet Alert featuring the missing pet's microchip ID code, physical description, and last known location. Members can also use our online system to create a lost pet poster featuring a photo of their pet, which can be sent out with the alerts. From that point on, the mobilized network of PetRescuers remain vigilant, keeping a lookout for the lost pet.

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  National Pet Recovery Database

Only HomeAgain offers a pet owner membership program designed to keep pet owners' contact information current.

Microchips registered with HomeAgain remain in our database for life, but it is the valuable annual membership benefits that prevent pet recovery from being a "once and done," soon forgotten component of pet care. HomeAgain pet owners receive annual renewal notices as well as other regular reminders to keep their contact information current, and they can update their profile at any time during the membership year, not just at renewal. Keeping pet owners engaged is critical to keeping an updated microchip registry, ensuring that owners can be contacted when their lost pets are found.

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 Travel Assistance for Lost Pets

HomeAgain membership covers the cost of flying a lost dog or cat home when found more than 500 miles away.

Lost pets can end up very far from home. Some lost cats and dogs that were reported missing have been recovered more than 1,000 miles away from their owners! So even though the pet has been located, the happy reunion can't occur until the geographic obstacle is overcome—and that sometimes creates a financial hurdle for pet owners. Not every one of your clients may be able to afford to board a plane to retrieve their pet or to pay for the pet to be transported home.

HomeAgain covers flights of up to $500 for dogs or cats found more than 500 miles from home—another example of why HomeAgain is the most comprehensive pet recovery service in the industry.

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 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline

HomeAgain memberships can save pets’ lives even when they’re not lost!

Pets don't have to be lost to benefit from the comprehensive pet protection available through HomeAgain. Sometimes a pet emergency can strike outside of regular vet clinic office hours or when an owner and his pet are traveling far from home. In situations like these, members can call the 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline and speak with an ASPCA-licensed veterinarian who can offer medical assistance or direct them to an emergency veterinarian nearby. Each call—a $65 value, is included with the annual HomeAgain membership and could be priceless to a pet owner if it ends up saving their pet's life in a medical emergency.

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This comprehensive package of exclusive HomeAgain membership benefits can help make microchipping more attractive to your clients.

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